High Mileage Club

High Mileage Club at Gateway Chevrolet

Introducing the Gateway Chevrolet High Mileage Club

Gateway Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, a member of the Greater Toronto Area GM dealers is excited to announce the launch of the HIGH MILEAGE CLUB program. The program is quite simple! If you own or know someone who owns a 2006 or older vehicle, they qualify for High Mileage Club benefits when the vehicle has:

  • 110,000 to 139,999 kms receive 10% off parts* and labour*
  • 140,000 to 179,999 kms receive 15% off parts* and labour*
  • 180,000 kms or more receive 20% off parts* and labour*
High Mileage Gateway

The discount to parts and labour will apply each and every time you service your 2006 or older vehicle meeting the above mileage parameters on all maintenance and repairs.

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